Voice and Presence

“You can speak well if your tongue can deliver the message of your heart.” John Ford. We challenge you to take command of your voice, speak with confidence, and own any room.

Studies suggest that effective presentations are 38% your voice, 55% non-verbal communication, and only 7% your content.  

Our courses will teach you how to engage an audience in a way that impacts and inspires. By applying the principles that great speakers use when creating or delivering a speech in a meeting, pitch or presentation, podcast, interview, and much more. 

Storyteller Tip: “Failure” stories are always crowd-pleasers as they make you more human, so next time you think you tanked or were in an embarrassing situation, turn it into content for your next story!


Our clients develop: 

  • Personal Presence Awareness: Identify how you uniquely impact an audience. Enabling deeper connections by speaking to the heart and mind using your authentic voice.
  • Storytelling Techniques: The ability to structure a great presentation/podcast/talk/meeting and bring people on a journey.
  • Voice and Breath Exercises: Identify tools to improve the quality of your breathing habits, your vocal tone, resonance, diction, and pace.
  • Performance Technique: Develop Storytelling and Oratory technique, enabling you to deliver dialogue, not report on the dialogue. Using your authentic voice.


  • Develop the ability to command, soothe, and entertain your audience.
  • An ability to influence and inspire an audience
  • Overcome anxiety, and own any room.


Current Public Speaking Courses: 

  • Elevate your Presence – Develops your performance/engagement skills for leaders and teams
  • Voice and Presence – Concentrates on overcoming your fears and developing voice techniques.
  • Bespoke Keynote Coaching

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