Stakeholder Engagement

We help transform a leaderships’ visions into a strategy story that connects to and inspires people, aligning them with a unified goal.

Business growth is determined by your ability to engage stakeholders.

To be effective and productive, employees, customers, investors and partners must have a genuine, emotive connection with the business. Your authentic story gives them a sense of meaning, purpose and collective endeavour igniting a storytelling culture within your organisation. And this engagement shows clearly on the bottom line. 

There’s a famous story about John F. Kennedy. While he was visiting NASA, he stopped to ask a janitor, who was mopping the floor at the facility, what he was doing. The janitor’s reply was: “I’m putting a man on the moon”. 

According to OneSpot research, a well-told story can even make consumers happy to consume ads—92% of consumers want brands to make ads feel like a story. 

As Stephen Few puts it: “Numbers have a great story to tell. They rely on you to give them a voice.” 

For effective and sustainable engagement, you have to win their heads as well as their hearts, to impress them rationally and emotionally. 

We help establish your Authentic Strategy Story, train your leadership team in storytelling techniques, crafting a credible, compelling story surrounding your strategic change. 


What do organisations take away? 

  • Clarity and fluency with your Authentic Strategy Story. 
  • A strategy story that stakeholders can connect with emotionally.
  • A living story culture within the organisation, that develops, expands and grows. 



  • Accelerated strategic execution. Through the process your story drives positive action, participation and momentum.
  • Inspired and empowered employees who have bought into the strategic journey, emotionally and rationally. They understand their role and they are committed to it. 
  • Engagement and motivation among employees which influences internal and external stakeholders.
  • A meaningful point of difference for your business, a unique and distinct position in the market. 
  • Brand, team members and leadership clear and aligned in an otherwise complex business environment. 
  • An escalated rate of change and growth, thanks to higher engagement. 
  • A driven, high-performance, positive internal culture.


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