Energise Culture

We ignite a self-energising culture, uniting individuals, departments and territories while celebrating their differences.

“When you share a story, you will spark a story,” Thaler Pekar, Stanford University.

When people interact they generate ‘Relational Energy’ which influences the speed of your reflexes, the relevance of your responses and impetus of any drive toward a collective goal. 

As a leader, you can build relational energy through harnessing creativity and by empowering, upskilling and rewarding those around you. Effectiveness and momentum depend on your inhouse culture – which is nurtured by your ‘storytelling’ culture. 

But how long that momentum lasts, and how effective it is, is determined by your story telling culture. Whatever your business, that story is your power. The people in your story shaped your business, how it grew, how it faced up to adversity, its successes and its weaknesses. 

Investing time in your story means investing in people. And when you invest in your people they will invest in you. 

We help leaders and champions in businesses find a story that resonates with their teams. By helping them to become expert storytellers and inspirational role models, we enable them to unlock the power of their teams – winning hearts and minds, through authenticity and story. 


What is the outcome for participating leaders? 

  • A resilient culture that demonstrates ownership – at all levels of the organisation – as it responds to challenges. 
  • Strong, trusting relationships, throughout the organisation. 
  • Better business performance. 



  • An accelerated change in culture, as a result of improved team engagement and clear focus on shared goals. 
  • Leaders in touch with their authentic stories and ready to share a compelling cultural story. 
  • Role models with clear values and a positive influence on teams. 
  • Inspired and empowered employees who are clear on their roles and motivated to play their part. 
  • A strong, purpose-led culture of transparency, accountability, and high performance. 
  • An agile culture of continuous learning and readiness for change, where teams learn intuitively and adapt easily. 
  • Collaboration across role, department and territorial boundaries. 
  • Profits that are driven by principles and values. 
  • Engaging environment that is both productive and fulfilling to work intrinsic.


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