Create a purpose-led organisation to future proof your business

77% of employees worldwide are waiting for a reason to do more than just show up.*

Discover what is meaningful to your teams and create a new narrative to nurture engagement and a thriving culture.

*Gallup 2023

If you’re looking to future-proof your business, we bring to light what is meaningful – the human values, aspirations, and needs that drive your business—creating a culture in which your people feel valued and motivated and are happy to come to work.


What will this solution do for you and your business?

  • An agile culture of continuous learning and readiness for change, where teams learn intuitively and adapt easily.
  • Improved team engagement and clear focus on shared goals.
  • Role models with clear values and a positive influence on teams.
  • Transparency, accountability, and high performance.
  • Collaboration across roles, departments and territorial boundaries.
  • Employees who come to work excited to contribute to a greater purpose.



Through deep listening and authentic stories, we get your teams connecting around what they care about, laying the groundwork for an inclusive culture that celebrates your people.

The result is stakeholders who see themselves as active contributors to your organisation’s narrative, shaping your collective future.


Empower your people to see themselves as active contributors to your organisation’s narrative, shaping your collective future, contact us.

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WHO? Wilson Hartnell (WH) is the largest, and one of the longest established, communications agencies in Ireland. The company is proud of its reputation for delivering best-in-class work to national and international clients, such as Diageo. 

WHY? Wilson Hartnell approached us because they wanted to define a new strategy for growth in a disrupted market, a market in which the role of agencies was changing rapidly. They wanted to identify a point of difference that was relevant to market needs, while loyal to who they are. 

WHAT? We used The Core Story™ process to help them discover a new strategy: that was authentic to the business and its heritage; that motivated the team; and was driven by defining the market, as much as looking at what customers’ needs were. 

RESULT: In the process we uncovered the fact that Wilson Hartnell had made many unsung contributions and supports to the arts and other cultural endeavours. Activities that demonstrated their contribution to society went beyond the balance sheet. As a result, the strategy they adopted was that of ‘The No. 1 Cultural Agency’. This approach has helped consolidate their leadership position in the market and led quickly to new business wins.


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