Business Transformation

We help organisations transform by creating the emotional conditions people need to embrace transformational change.

In a turbulent business environment transformation means generating value — unlocking opportunities, driving growth, delivering efficiencies. It’s not enough to win today, you have to be the business that keeps winning.

‘Diamonds are forever’ In the USA of the 1940s, engagement rings were usually cheap and low quality, and only 10% of them had diamonds. Then De Beers began making diamonds a synonym for romance, implying their size reflected the love a man had for his beloved. This story could not go wrong because it directly hit the emotions of lovers who wanted to prove how much they were in love. In 1947, copywriter Frances Gerety, working on behalf of De Beers, added the adjective ‘forever’ reflecting eternal love on the one hand, but also ensuring people would never consider selling their diamonds. Today, three quarters of a century later, about 80% of the engagement rings in the USA have a diamond. The story Gerety created transformed the market for generations

Transformation requires agility and a high level of engagement over a long period of time, making it harder for larger organisations. To be effective, a common denominator is needed to ensure change is feasible, desirable and effective across all departments and territories. That common denominator is the transformation story. 

Stories bring your company to life. Would you rather be seen as serious and uniform, or engaging and energetic? You can learn the facts about any company by giving them a quick search online, but to really get to know the ethos and the ambitions of that company you need more. 

We help leaders identify and co-create stories that unify teams or departments, and motivate change by engaging hearts and minds across the organisation. Participants recognise the meaningful story which helps replace resistance, fear and inertia, with real purpose. We turn leaders and influencer networks into storytellers who build belief in shared goals and provide role models. 


What do organisations take away? 

  • Storytelling techniques that inspire and motivate audiences, while reaching hearts and minds, activating rational and emotional involvement in their roles. 
  • An ability to keep energy and positivity high throughout the entire transformation 
  • The ability to accelerate the transformation by bringing people affected onboard with the process, motivating and empowering them. 



  • An accelerated ability to execute strategies, based on operational and cultural priorities, quickly translating words into action. 
  • An agile culture of continuous learning and readiness for change, in which teams learn intuitively and adapt easily 
  • Inspired and empowered employees: emotionally engaged in the transformation journey, clear on their role, fit to deliver and committed to playing their part 
  • Authentic leaders who inspire belief, trust and understanding 
  • Aligned teams, focused on a shared destination


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WHO? Vizeum is a successful media planning and buying business

WHY? They realised they were in a heavily disrupted market and their value to the customer was being undermined. They needed a new value proposition which would make them the incumbent disruptor of their market.

WHAT? The Core Story™ worked with the Vizeum’s senior team to establish an Authentic Strategy which would enable them to disrupt the market and win against formidable competition.

RESULT: As a result of the new strategy, Vizeum went from being a Media agency to being the Growth Agency, with numerous successes from the outset. The Core Story™ also helped develop and implement a transformation change program to help Vizeum launch and activate the new positioning.

“The Core Story™ process has been a great journey to go on. It has helped us to define the future for our business in a turbulent and chaotic industry. We feel we have ended up with a vision and strategy that is authentic and differentiated and we have a team that is excited about the future.” Conor Murphy, GM Vizeum

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